If you want a cheap gift shortly before Christmas, you have to do a lot of research. What is still cheap now? Technology or cosmetics? What options are there, online shopping as a cheap and fast alternative, or would you prefer to support regional retail?



Christmas shopping in times of Corona!


Many people have less money to spend on Christmas shopping this year. This can be because they are on short-time work or have lost their job, or because they fear one of the two and therefore want to spend less money this Christmas season.

Other people have a lot of money at their disposal this year because they have a secure job, but couldn't go on vacation as usual, a family celebration had to be canceled and the regular eating out in the regular restaurant fell into the water.



Take your budget into account!

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The same rules apply to both groups when it comes to Christmas shopping: Make a list of the gifts that you really want to give away and that you know will make the recipients happy. 

Take your budget into account. No friend or family member wants you to fall into debt for the Christmas presents.

And consider the fit. What color will he want, what model will it like, what is the name of the series that will delight the son or daughter? Gifts also live from the thoughts that you have made.



Track prices and save money!

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Now enter the gift ideas you found in a price search engine. Our experts have determined that shopping.com, Google Shopping and pricegrabber.com are the best price search engines right now. Here you really get the best prices for the products displayed and as a user you can also compare how the prices were a few weeks ago, so whether it is perhaps worth waiting again for a special bargain before Christmas.

If you already have an item on Amazon in mind, we recommend that you watch the price trend and monitor the prices if necessary. Amzdealz.net helps you and monitors the desired Amazon prices for you.


How can I see the price history of an Amazon item or track the price?


  1. Search for the desired article on Amazon and copy the article link or ASIN.
  2. Open amzdealz.net and paste the link or ASIN in the search bar, then click Search.
  3. You will now see an overview of the item you want, including the price history.

    Price history

  1. Now you can easily create a price tracking. All you have to do is enter your email address and the desired price!


Price tracking


  1. Now relax! You will be informed as soon as the item has reached the desired price (or below).



How can you support local trade?


Now visit the websites where the gifts are offered at particularly favorable prices. Now is also time to confront the local retail trade in your place of residence or at the place of residence of the recipient with these prices from the Internet and to ask them to make a competitive counter offer. In many cases, especially with expensive gifts, this can work very well.

However, there are two differences to be aware of.

You do not automatically have the right to an exchange when purchasing in the local store. If you buy online, you always have the right to exchange without giving a reason, often much longer around Christmas.

So please explicitly agree on an exchange right with the dealer. After all, it's about gifts. There is now a network of local dealers who guarantee on-site shopping almost under internet conditions.

When buying online, additional costs can be added to the price of the product, for example for delivery. And you don't know the dealer. So determine the total price before you take out the deal and never pay in advance.



How to recognize a dubious online retailer:


Also check whether the dealer is allowed to use a trust seal such as "Trusted Shop" and also look at the customer reviews. A seal can also be forged. So if in doubt, click on the seal in a shop. This should redirect you to the seal provider who will confirm the authenticity. Bad customer ratings from a retailer you don't know should deter you from buying.

Gifts often make you want more. If you come up with new ideas for gifts while shopping online or in real life, just start again from step 1. Make a new list, use the price search engine, challenge the local dealer. And only then do you buy.


We wish you success in your search for gifts!


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