The prices of Amazon products are constantly being adjusted or changed. It is really difficult to keep track and to buy the desired product at the right time and price. If you have enough time and can sound out the Track Amazon prices in detail beforehand, it is worth waiting for a good offer in 90% of cases and achieving an optimal price. With, you can track the prices for the article you want and even receive a notification when the price you defined has been reached! tracks price changes for millions of products in a wide variety of Amazon markets. Each product has its own price history, where you can observe the exact price trend. This is especially useful if you want to buy an item that has a frequent price change. searchbar

To monitor a product or watch the price history, simply copy the Amazon URL or the ASIN of the desired item into the search on Using the price history, you can see exactly whether now is a good time to buy the item or not.

Price History

If you do not want to go directly to the website to search for your desired item using the URL or ASIN, you can use our own Chrome extension. With this extension, you can access the respective data from directly on the Amazon product page or set up price tracking. To do this, simply click on the (AD) symbol in your browser.

Chrome Extension

Regardless of whether you are directly using the website or the extension, here is a brief overview of the price diagram. In the illustration, you can see the usual price fluctuations based on the article "HP Chromebook" over the course of 3 months.

There are two different types of lines:

  1. Continuous green line: This green line represents the Amazon price of the item.
  2. Dashed green line: This dashed line indicates that an item was not available or is currently not available during this period.

At the bottom you will also find an overview of the highest, lowest and current price of an item, so you can quickly get a feel for the different price ranges of a product.

Price History amzdealz

If you don't just want to rely on the price history, it makes sense, and we recommend that you set up your own price tracking for your desired item. Here you can enter your desired price, and you will be conveniently informed as soon as the item has reached the price. Simply enter your email address and your desired price and start price tracking.

Price Tracking also offers the possibility to monitor currently unavailable products, for this you can simply set up available tracking if you want to know when a product will next go on sale or when it will be available again. As an example, we consider the new "PlayStation 5". The article is currently not available on Amazon, under the section "Amazon Price and Product Availability Tracking" you can easily set up available tracking by entering your email address and clicking on the checkbox.

Available Tracking

Finally, we would like to show you how much money you can save through active price tracking. Here we have a good example, the “Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Charcoal with Sengled Bluetooth Color bulb | Alexa smart home starter kit” from Amazon. As you can see, the price fluctuates quite a lot! Currently, the price at $59.98 is actually not a good deal, as we can see that the item was significantly cheaper about two weeks ago, here you would have paid 16% less and about three weeks ago you would even have "58%" saved!

Price History Products

To keep track of the price exactly, we can set up a price alert. To do this, as already mentioned, first enter a "target price" and your e-mail address to which you would like to receive the notification. Alternatively, you can set up an account (or sign in with Google, Twitter, or Facebook) so that you don't have to enter your email address every time. As long as the price of an item goes down but doesn't fall below the threshold you set, monitoring doesn't stop. Only when the desired price has been reached will you be informed and your monitoring will end.

Now just sit back and wait!
You will receive an email the next time your item is offered at a price that you have defined yourself!

We hope we can do a bit to relieve your wallet and actively help you to save money!

Notice: Since there are billions of Amazon products worldwide, not all deals and data are stored in our database. For products that are not searched very often, it is possible that no price data has yet been saved.


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